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Nashville Towing

Towing and Roadside Services


Our fleet consists of wheel lift/boom trucks, roolbacks(flatbed) and service trucks. We can tow any kind of car, truck motorcycle or peice of equipment(skidsteer, forklift, compressors, toolboxes, etc...)..


If you have had an accident, call us and we will tow your vehicle to our storage facility and hold it for your Insurance Company. Our facility is safe, secure and has 24 hour video surveillance. When you have decided when you want to have your vehcile fixed let us know and we will deliver it promptly.

Accident Removal, Recovery & Storage

If you have just been in an accident give us a call. We will get you to a safe location.


Did you lock your keys in your car? NO PROBLEM. We do lockouts. Give us a call today, we will unlock your vehicle quickly and damage free.

Specality Services

Motorcycle Towing:

We have a specially designed wheel lift attachment just for your motorcycle. 

Low Clearance Parking Garages

We have equipment that can get into just about any parking garage in town.


Private Property Towing Nashville:

Is your business or property experiencing problems with other people parking where you'd ratherthey not park?

Chapmans Wrecker Service will be pleased to advise. Whether you're running a shopping mall or a more modest sized parking lot, if you are interested in setting up a private property impound program Chapmans Wrecker Service are the people to call.


We'll advise you on the legalities of this kind of service and will even give you the No Parking signs. To learn more please call us at (615) 255-5030.
Property Authorization Form
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Chapmans Wrecker Service
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Our Lot is open during the following hours:



8am to 6pm


Saturday & Sunday

Office is Closed but feel free to CALL if you need to access your vehicle.


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