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"On Dec 22, 2012 i had a flat tire with no spare & a big yellow truck that said TDOT stopped to help me but i had no spare so they called a tow truck which took me to Firestone to get a tire. I ask the driver if he could let me pay him when i got my SS check He said yes but when i turn my back he was gone Firestone said he paid for me a new tire and i don t even know his name IF YOU ONLY KNEW HOW MUCH THAT MEANT TO ME AT 79 years old Thanks Mattie"



"I would like to thank the gentleman that saved us on I24 last night. You were a life saver with your help and prompt service . Thanks a million."




"After finding out that my son's car had not been towed but stolen, John at Chapman's helped me find out the true situation. Since I live out of town, he extended his courteous, friendly assistance and made phone calls, checked on possible details, and returned my calls to help me figure out what I should do. He offered to do this without hesitation. For a worried mom in a different city, he certainly proved that there still are kind, caring people in this world. Just when I was feeling that no one cared enough to even try to help me, he came on the phone -- rather, I think God placed him in my path as my guardian angel when all felt so hopeless. Please, if you ever need the services of a wrecker service in Nashville, call John at Chapman's first. He is truly a "professional" in his field with outstanding personal service above and beyond any measure that you would expect. Thank you again!"



"I needed to have my 55 Chevy Pickup moved from Antioch to South Nashville. Chris was very attentive and took precautions to make the move effortless. Beverly was just as professional in making arrangements over the phone. I recommend this company to everyone!" 



"On Saturday 10-31-09 my housekeeper got her car stuck when she tried to back down my driveway. I live on a steep hill and she ended up with her rear left weel off the driveway. She couldn't pull forward and couldn't back up. Furthermore, because of the angle, fuel was not getting from her gas tank to her engine. I called AAA and requested a truck with a wheel lift. Instead they sent a driver with a flat bed type truck. He looked at the situation and threw his hands up and said there was nothing he could do. After 4 hours of messing with AAA, I called John Chapman. He was at my house within 30 minutes. Within 8 minutes he had lifted the stuck car, gotten it back on the driveway and towed it to the bottom. He was responsive, kind, knowledgeable and took care of the problem immediately. I would recommend him without hesitation."



"I would like to take a moment to let EVERYONE know how the owner of this company went above and beyond his job duties to help a couple from out of town that were stranded on Briley Parkway @ Int. 40 in a construction site on November 18, 2006. Mr. Chapman arrived and towed our car to an Advance Auto Parts where he charged our car battery and tried to find someone to repair our car, no luck so he towed our car to another destination across town stayed with us until our car was safely inside. Then he asked us where we wanted him to take us, I said please take us to our hotel and he did. When we asked what we owed him he told us what the amount was and it was well within reason although I thought it would be considerably more considering what he did for us. This made me realize that there are still honest and good hearted people in the world in this day and time. Mr. Chapman I want to THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF HEART FOR ALL OF YOUR KINDNESS (Sorry for all of the tears). GRATEFUL COUPLE FROM DYERSBURG TN"

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